SpaceX and Implications for Nassau?

Considering the SpaceX launch this afternoon, I wonder how many of us are aware of the spaceport location only a short distance to the north. ¬† Camden Spaceport is an hour by car, but only about 20 miles by air. ¬†If you want a diverse economic base, Crawford Diamond’s potential and the spaceport make our location even more attractive, as if that were possible.rocket-launch-space-discovery

The proposed Camden Spaceport site is located on the I-95 corridor next to the Atlantic Ocean¬†and is surrounded by a large undeveloped¬†buffer zone.¬†Coastal Camden County, Georgia provides a nearly unrestricted launch range¬†for the launch of spacecraft to a wide range of orbits.¬†Orbital inclinations between 31¬į and 58¬į can be reached without the addition of costly propulsive maneuvers to change the orbital plane.

In addition, our southerly location and favorable launch azimuth enable more payload to orbit from Camden County. These launches have the capability to fly due east, maximizing the velocity boost from the rotation of the Earth and enabling more payload to reach orbit.

We are also home to a former rocket testing facility that is ideal for space vehicle manufacturing and we can provide ready access to existing space launch sites in both Virginia and Florida. 2/3/18

Beach Driving….Why reduce access?

I grew up on the island and, at one time, I could drive the beaches from end to end.  Surfing and fishing was far different and beach access meant I could access the public beaches easily with fishing gear, cooler, car and friends in the car with me.  Over time, the island became more crowded and driving the entire beach became a safety concern.


While I understand the changes will probably never allow unrestricted driving, the unwritten “DEAL” or the “UNDERSTANDING” with locals and advocates for beach access, including many locals with a very long history on the island like Lowell Hall, was to stay away from further reduction of access to the beach. ¬† On Tuesday, the tiny area remaining in the city may be cut in half and, if you read the proposal, a number of restrictions may be added, including a “study” required to demonstrate need if the area is ever increased, special training and a permit?

SYNOPSIS: Parking on the beach has been permitted at the Sadler Road public access since the City Commission approved an “on-beach” parking area south of the north right-of-way line of Sadler Road to a point 600 feet south in the late 1980’s.

The City Commission wants to discuss reducing the parking area on the beach at Sadler Road from 600 feet to 300 feet which would put the terminus of this parking area at the southern property boundary line of Seaside Park if the Ordinance passes.

Source: Agenda 2/6/18

Read the Proposed Ordinance

While I understand both sides, I disagree with further reducing the area or access in any way.  I also feel anyone with a Nassau County tag should be able to access the areas without permit or any proposed special beach driving training, given available remaining space.  Living in Florida my entire life, being trained for driving on the beach is somewhat absurd, in my opinion.   I would hope, if training is proposed, the training is optional with a signature noting it was declined.

Paradise is changing and I find the repeated return to elimination of or reduction of beach access painful!  Living on the island for the past 54 years and a native, I think I have a right to a strong opinion and the right to feel a little offended.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 7.13.19 PM
1981 Beach Control….Drive only south from Sadler

FISA and the “MEMO” …Very Divided Opinions

I posted a very brief status update on Facebook yesterday, noting my sadness at the allegations in the, now famous, FISA Memo. ¬† This morning, “MANY” more comments than I anticipated waited. ¬†My friends are polarized and I’ve even received messages encouraging me to change to another television station for my news. ¬† Two issues strike me with both the memo and the way my friends or public generally see the issue. ¬† The memo contains serious allegations and, if true, shows a serious flaw in our justice system. ¬†If you think about it, the memo is concerning, whether it is entirely factual or not. ¬†The cover letter included in the PDF linked below is actually quite helpful. ¬† Understanding the information used as a basis for the memo is classified and understanding any POTUS would be forced to choose to release or declassify is worth considering.

Fernandina Beach and Nassau County political leaders are subject to Sunshine Law.  The higher you go, the less sunshine, hence the need to formally release a memo discussing information only viewed by a committee.   I would encourage everyone to read the memo and cover letter before forming an opinion.  If FISA warrants were issued and renewed based on flawed information, we should be concerned.  If the memo has a partisan motivation, then we should also be concerned.  Personally, I just want the truth and want to know if our system is being used politically.    Thoughts?

Read-the-FISA-memo copy

Core Issue…FISA Warrants allegedly obtained based on falsified partisan research.

Old and New at the Waterfront

The waterfront in Fernandina has undergone changes, since my childhood.  Years ago, I remember playing underneath the old wood docks or fishing with hand lines.   Simpler days and a vanishing waterfront is overshadowed by change.  Smaller cruise ships, a change in port ownership and Front Street in sore need of repair, mean more change is on the horizon.

Cruise Ships and Shrimpers

We can guide change, but the Fernandina today is a world away from the Fernandina I knew 45 years ago. ¬†Unlike many friends, I chose to stay on the island as an adult and think we’re just evolving. ¬† Fernandina is a far more interesting place to live today. ¬†Consider car shows, fishing tournaments, numerous festivals, races, restaurant week and world class dining, world class resorts, restored historic buildings, fantastic parks, the greenway, jobs from diverse industry and cleaner beaches.


Meeting Space for Chamber Members

I took a few minutes to visit the new Chamber of Commerce location or, I should say, their newly remodeled location.  The design, I believe by Jose Miranda, feels collaborative and feels usable.  Tables, meeting spaces, coffee, private rooms and a very functional arrangement, make this one of the nicest spaces I can imagine.  With membership, you can reserve space or just drop in to use desk, copier or meet a client.

Stop in to take a look…you’ll be shocked and pleasantly surprised by the change.


Throwback Thursday

Pizza in the air at Moon River, the old docks, one great day at the beach, Fort Clinch brickwork, fake Dora and a blurry shot of downtown, all bring back memories.¬† Most of these came from earlier blog posts 15 years ago.¬† ¬†Remembering how much the island is the same and how much it changed…perspective or important?

When did you make it to the island and what seemed important at the time?

City Hall Market Value?

This is a recent shot of the changed landscape behind City Hall. ¬†Whether you love change or not, uses change and adjacent properties can benefit. ¬†City Hall is nearing the end of it’s life and efficiency. ¬†It began as a fire station years ago, but transitioned bays for fire engines into the current commission chamber. ¬† Seeing and anticipating the changes, will we have an opportunity to sell at a profit, consolidate to one location and finally see most city services in one location, while preserving a historic structure?



A Day on the Island….

Politicians who actually care, Centre Street with so much variety you’ll spend weeks trying every restaurant, musicians without compare, sleepy pelicans on a working dock, a short distance to Jacksonville International and, finally, fantastic beaches are key to the island’s allure.