Birthplace of Modern Shrimping…

Some of waterfront looks like it did 50 years ago. This is one place that you can see hasn’t changed much. Even the shrimp boat was built so many years ago. It looks much the way it did in the 70s.

This last picture is part of the wooden dock before the new marina was built. Shrimp boats used to be docked here, and there was once a boat ramp in the middle of it near welcome station.

Live or Work….or Live/Work?

Fernandina is in a period of change, with sudden interest in living downtown, in the middle of restaurants, live music and everything people seem to want on Amelia Island. This fantastic property is available, with an upstairs you should see to believe. Worth a conversion to residential? Heart pine flooring, a porch with the views you see below and a large private deck at the rear of the property make this very attractive to my eye. What about you?

Did I mention this is the upstairs of a beautifully remodeled space with a long term tenant in place downstairs? By appointment only, call me for information…..

11 North 4th Street Listing Sheet

This John Cotner designed remodel is a hidden gem downtown. Existing national tenant, upstairs offers potential to convert to a variety of uses with rare private deck and a front porch overlooking historic 4th and the Post office. Compare upstairs to nearby new construction condo units like on 5th Street without the monthly fees. Heart pine flooring upstairs, granite counters, full bath and more. You should see this if you’re looking for a true executive office or living space downtown. Change of use from current office space is subject to approval.

Lunar Halo over Amelia Island on November 24th

A lunar halo, the optical phenomenon where a ring of light appears around the moon, is often associated with certain atmospheric conditions that can precede weather events. While the presence of a lunar halo itself doesn’t directly cause the weather, it can serve as a visual indicator of specific atmospheric conditions.

Some primitive cultures attach meaning to the halo... some impending bad fortune and some as a sign of change. I'll take this particular halo as a "Happy Birthday".

No place like home….

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

You know, sometimes the best things are right in front of you. I grew up here on the island and was born in the local hospital lived here since 1963. The island changed a lot but sometimes the world just comes to you don’t have to go to it. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a place Where everyone knew each other and watched as it changed when the world came here cultures from everywhere else seem to find their way to Amelia Island.

I sometimes hear people complain about the rate of change, but then, if you look around, we wouldn’t have the restaurants culture and some of the interesting things that we have now with less population and less diverse cultures moving to the island. We’ve always been an island of diversity…if you think about the 8 Flags and the way the island changed hands over time it’s really mimicking what’s happening now as people flood back to the island finding things that they really can’t find anywhere else in the world. so there isn’t any place like home even though it’s not quite the home I remember from the 60s and 70s.