2020, Media, Social Media and Elections

Social media placed a thumb on the election scale, in my opinion. Turnout, efforts to get out a vote….perhaps higher percentages of people in certain demographics (political bias) using social media, therefore even blanket geographic ads (messages) will have the same effect as a targeted ad…. Ironic I’m posting this on social media, but you’re either a platform or producer of news. I do not see choosing or creating information as social media’s role. It’s likely too late now, but this was a terrible year. I’m becoming an old &*^%, but I hope a next generation will notice what is happening….in education, government and to our eroding rights. Controlling content is shaping our future….and that should be something we all find appalling.

I think we should all consider how and where we are being influenced. The kind of mass media reach and targeting available is something we never considered in years past. It may be far too late, but consider how advertising is used and targeted. I use this in promotion of real estate or in political campaigns, but what happens when the platforms themselves are potentially creating biased messaging? I have no issue with platforms existing, but the sheer reach for that platform to create an innocuous message can create massive influence. Consider repeated messages asking if I’ve registered. Where and which demographic is this message reaching? Even if it isn’t targeted, the use of social media is more predominant in certain groups, so the message is targeted by being on the platform. Either you’re a platform or a content creator. If social media creates it’s own content, it should follow standards we would expect from other sources and be subject to the same regulation.

My opinion…..during 2020 elections.

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