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The idea came to me a few years ago and the timing never worked, until Covid 19 (aka the Wuhan Virus, China Virus, Corona Virus….). Anyway, with a slower than normal year and restrictions on work impacting almost every business, it seemed like a great time to see the country. Back in June, 99% of work was remote or by phone and I really missed very little. My family was not entirely enthusiastic about my plan to see the country by motorcycle, during a pandemic, as a hurricane was moving north and as protests turned violent across the country, but it seemed like a a perfect time to me.

Unloaded for a stop at a friend’s place in Wyoming. This is now my old bike. I’m riding something similar, but better configured in every way. #r1200gs #motorcycle

The pictures below are a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy and think a little about the time we spent shutdown here in Fernandina. I can say my personal experiences were of towns with very little traffic and nearly empty main streets. Some parts of the country are going to feel 2020 for years and most of us really don’t know the vast impact of a shutdown. As much as we’re criticized for taking too little action or too much action, it was a fine line between public health and economic survival.

Back to a positive note, I met some of the most interesting people and had amazing food along the way. Hotels were almost empty, rates were often below 50% and I was generally treated like a king. One of my initial goals was a trip along part of Route 66. I would recommend paralleling this on 44 or just sampling portions. Closed gas stations and empty stretches make it difficult. I picked it up for a while near St. Louis and then for parts near Santa Fe on the way home. We really do have an incredible country and traveling with only a few stops on the plan is actually much easier on a bike.

The Hillbilly BarBQ burger in Missouri. Best ever…sweet potato fries and a local draft.
I’d need to look for the name of this town, but I passed through town after town like this with no likely recovery coming.
Wyoming looked like this one day and then completely covered by snow the following day. (JUNE!)
15 or 20 minutes from a friend’s place. He has a barn and uses the very short season to explore. A little over 10,500 feet and you really do notice the 20 or 30 degree changes, sometimes just going through a pass.
Colorado near Denver, I think. Fantastic roads and often no place to stop and admire scenery. The scale of things was so different. I waited to take a shot with the trailer.
Somewhere in Kansas or Oklahoma near windmills far larger than you think when a mile or two away.
Moose in Wyoming
Smallest coffee shop and very good.
Best stop ever in Santa Fe at an incredibly clean inn. I began the trip with a back injury….then discovered everything travel related was so inexpensive during Corona…and the hot shower was necessary.
Buffalo were in part of this shot, but no zoom lens.
Sun to snow in minutes, the horses seemed to like the change.
Dolina in Santa Fe, a place I just randomly found and one of the best breakfast places anywhere. I sat outside, well, because I thought I fit the outside better than the inside…after several thousand miles.
Dolina Bakery in Santa Fe, eggs over tomato sauce with giant garlic and pesto, I think.

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