Buying Inexpert “Expert” Content

Sometimes sales calls are mundane and sometimes the person on the other end won’t stop talking. I should say, they won’t stop talking long enough to listen. Social media and connection to clients is largely pointless if you’re paying an unlicensed person to create the content, then sharing that content across “DOZENS” of other sites…often your direct competition in the same market. Earlier today, someone made an unsolicited call offering to manage my social media accounts. In the next breath, he told me there were hundreds of agents using the system. He wasn’t licensed….and has no local experience in this market. Beyond the lack of connection, the point of using social media, his offer would likely damage my credibility and reputation by creating a lower quality of content, while disconnecting me from connected clients. Seriously?!? I said no politely…three times. Then finally laughed and finally disconnected.

Having something to add to the conversation means a lot and knowledge means a lot. I tend to focus on a handful of clients and listings. Unlike many larger offices, I know every client. I’m the broker, but I’m also the one writing the contract, attending an inspection, attending the closing, creating a spreadsheet and double checking the estimates for closing. I order the surveys, coordinate with a closing agent, type my own contracts, answer my own emails and, yes, I write and reply to promotions on social media.

Why choose to work with me or a smaller office? Well, spreading responsibility across various people can work, but coordinating those people, hoping nothing gets in the way of that coordination, hoping each one does what they’re expected to do at the right time….that isn’t easy. It also adds expense and can mean the weakest part of that chain has an impact on the rest of the process. Do larger offices sell more property. Sure. Asking about total volume is like asking if big cars use more fuel than smaller cars.

The real questions should center on time spent with a listing, who answers the phone, who sets up showings, what happens when an offer is presented and is the most experienced person always available to reply to a phone call or message. Who creates the content and is that person experienced enough to offer value. The image below is something I personally shot. Does it matter if I’m the one using the drone, attending the showing, writing the contract, answering the phone, scheduling your showing or creating a post on social media? I think it does matter. Real estate commissions can be substantial. I hope to bring personal experience, not just canned advertising spam …someone actually tried to sell me a few hours ago.

Shot earlier in the year, does it matter if your broker is taking the shot, writing the contract, answering his or her phone and personally involved in every step of the transaction?

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