Fernandina’s Future Land Use Map and Clarity


What is a FLUM? What is the purpose?  The future land use map is a community’s visual guide to future planning. The future land use map should bring together most if not all of the elements of the comprehensive plan such as natural resources, economic development, housing and transportation. Source: University of Wisconsin 3/2019

Current Zoning….

Recent confusion over the differences in zoning and future land use, seem to have stirred the community pot. Living near the greenway, I’m aware of previous errors in zoning to conservation. The intent of acquiring greenway was to create land with conservation zoning or future land use. Some adjacent properties were not acquired as a part of the greenway, but somehow were changed in error and that error appears to have carried over to the future land use map as well. Anyway, the drama over this change continued as those unaware of the original reason for the zoning or how land changes to conservation, questioned the development of land zoned for residential use, but still showing conservation on the “FUTURE” land use map. It helps to know the history and look at the dark green areas on the map above. See the link and full version, if you’re curious. The light green and dark green areas are quite large, but seeing properties from ground level can make it difficult to understand just how much natural space we have on the island, preserved with recreational or conservation zoning.

Future Land Use Map Snippet….
Looking toward Fort Clinch from Atlantic Avenue over part of the Egan’s Creek Greenway


Approval of a small-scale Future Land Use Map amendment is requested for 6.40 acres of land from Conservation (CON) to Low Density Residential (LDR) to correct a scrivener’s error and for consistency with the zoning map reflecting R-1(Low Density Residential) zoning. The applicant requests consideration of the FLUM amendment to make consistent the maps and proceed with final plat approval for the 30-dwelling unit subdivision located on a total of on 11.71 acres of land. The subject property is located on Citrona Drive between Hickory Street and Fir Street and identified as “Amelia Bluff.” The developed density of the site is proposed to be 2.56 dwelling units per acre. Existing uses surrounding the property are described in the preceding section. Two points of ingress and egress will be located on Citrona Drive, pending approval of Nassau County for roadway access.

In 2017, the City vacated a portion of unopened right-of-way (Ordinance 2017-25) known as, “Gum Street”, which ran through the mid- section of the site. The City and property owner entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (Resolution 2017-123) which stipulated certain criteria be met as part of any land development approvals. The wetlands portion of the property totaling 3.63 acres of land was transferred to the City of Fernandina through a quit claim deed on March 20, 2018 (Resolution 2018-39). Access to the abutting properties under ownership of the Florida Department of Transportation and located on the eastern edge of the property was established through the creation of a public right-of-way under Resolution 2018-40 on March 20, 2018. The City Commission approved the Amelia Bluff preliminary plat through Resolution 2018-64 on May 1, 2018. Site work commenced in May and infrastructure improvements have been installed. The City will inspect the roadways and infrastructure improvements and the required maintenance bonds will be received at the time a final plat receives signatures from City officials.

Fernandina Beach City Website www.fbfl.org 3/19/19

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