Marina Update and Current View

After damages, actually, from 2 hurricanes beginning with Hurricane Matthew in 2016, our marina has been operating at a very reduced capacity. you can see in the above picture, taken on February 4th, 2019, the mud flats are forming in most of the areas occupied by dock space. The following year, Hurricane Irma impacted the area and, although less dramatic, brought “different” damage. Wind direction, tides and storm direction makes each storm unique. Hurricanes aren’t necessarily that common in Fernandina and we’re actually rated in the top 10 safe cities on Home Insurance’s blog. See the link….

Due to damages caused by Hurricane Matthew and the pending repairs, Fernandina Harbor Marina will close Friday, November 23, 2018.  This will include dinghy, short term, transient docks, the mooring field and the boat ramp.  The marina is scheduled to reopen Summer 2019.  Staff is on site from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

PART 1.  The marina is still without the use of the wave attenuator.  This includes the fuel dock, pump out and large vessel dockage.  Bids were published for the repair/replacement of the wave attenuator and a contract is in place with Fender Marine.  Mobilization is schedule for later in November and work is expected to last until June of 2019.   
PART 2.  The Southern Basin Reconfiguration and Dredging is also on schedule.  The City Commission awarded the bid to Brance Diversified.  This work will include the removal of docks form the southern basin, the dredging of the southern basin and the installation of new docks that will follow a north to south alignment.  This reconfiguration is expected to minimize siltation and prolong the period between dredging project.  Brance is scheduled to mobilize later this month and work is expected to last until April 2019.  

PART 3.  The marina will be closed to transient, short term, dinghy and mooring dockage starting November 23rd.     

City of Fernandina Beach Website, Feb 5, 2019
Earlier in the repair process….

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