Rain and Plans Change….Close to So Much!

August is the “rain every afternoon” season.  It usually doesn’t last, but being aware of the weather is important near the end of summer.  We learned last week, when our plans to do almost anything within a 6 hour drive, involved rain and heavy thunderstorms.


Riding a zip line, fantastic coffee, a new favorite stop for pizza, visits to world-class universities and swimming with the manatees salvaged the week in style.  Fernandina is driving distance for stay-cation day trips or a fantastic place, if your plans change with the weather.

Some of the highlights were a stop at the Alachua County library to renew an electronic card and see what’s changed.  We also enjoyed a fantastic meal at V Pizza in Jacksonville, something a little different and only about 45 minutes from the island.  I normally focus on the island, but knowing so much is within driving distance, the island makes a great place to play or just use as a base for trips to most of Florida.  We live here and tend to forget to do the things tourists sometimes find.  Coffee was fantastic at several stops, including a place we found in Ocala….with some unique artwork.





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