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After seeing an engine light earlier, noting my daytime running light sensor was having a problem, I just assumed the worst.  Cars seem to have sensors for things I never considered, like telling me if the sun is shining.  I don’t use reading glasses, so the difference between day and night is something I can manage without a special feature.  Anyway, the owner’s manual shows warnings to keep the surface of the sensor clean and avoid paper over the sensor….avoid spraying excessive chemicals on the sensor…and warnings all leading me to believe the special light on my dash meant an expensive part of my vehicle might requiring replacement by the dealer.   One Google search later, I realized one bulb was failing and I needed directions to reach the area behind the front bumper.   Youtube has videos for everything, including replacement of a DRL,and another 30 seconds later, my learning curve improved a little more.   Advance Auto Parts on 8th Street was truly helpful, including a tip not to buy the more expensive “best” quality replacement, unless I planned to replace both bulbs.  Lights shown as replacements aren’t all the same brightness or color…good to know!

My point is taking a little longer to make than intended, but staying on the island saved gas, a trip to the dealer with a little internet effort and the time to replace a second bulb or mismatch the color and intensity of the light.  A shop owner took the time to help, the trip to buy a part took 10 minutes and it made my day to avoid having the DRL sensor checked or replaced.   It sure would be nice if the manufacturer just changed the message to read….”Your right front light burned out!  Please replace.“, directions and perhaps a replacement part # suggested. Considering the time, money and effort I nearly wasted by trusting the dash display…. #SMH

Earlier today, my youngest son and I were talking about local delivery services like Uber Eats. Small places like the island offer some unusual possibilities for work, like delivery, ride sharing and odd jobs you wouldn’t ordinarily consider.  Things have changed, but using technology to put people together is making the island a much more convenient place to live.  Buying local can mean you don’t even need to leave the house.

Thinking of technology, our second and longer conversation was about the change to using Apple devices.  My youngest son doesn’t always see the reason to save time and effort, but I made a change to almost all Apple or iOS devices last year.   The time savings is at least 30 minutes each day and everything “ALWAYS” works.  I’m typing now on a MacBook, considering the time I saved by switching.  Using windows systems or pre-windows systems, I was loyal from the late 80’s until last year, but the complexity of updating or forcing compatibility went a little too far in 2017.  Making the change, I paid much more for the system, but the dollars in time savings is covering my cost every 60 days.  IMG_0808.jpg

The end of both conversations moved back to efficient use of time.  The cost of the tool or cost to live somewhere means much less than the time you save or efficiency.  We can’t replace time.  Living here on the island, I spend more for housing or, nothing to do with the island, a computer system I choose to use, but the time has value.  Think about it another way.  My time in my 50’s is worth much more to me than time in my 70’s, I might never see.   That came across as a little depressing, but time today is always worth more than an uncertain time tomorrow.  Spending money to live in a premium location or buy better tools usually makes sense.  That was the lesson I wanted my son to learn.   #AmeliaIslnd #IslandLiving #Smalltownwisdom

We all think about seizing the day or living well.  Just think about the place you live and saving time, not money.  Sure, we all need enough to live, but the things you begin to see here all mean you have more time and living, assuming you live, work and play on the island.  Even if a commute is part of your life, checking the live and play boxes makes a big difference.

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