A Few Favorite Pictures and History

The Honey Badgers are playing for Sounds on Center this week and I thought about some of the concerts we’ve enjoyed over past years.  The picture below is from 7 years ago and pretty common for our street concert series.  These are family-friendly events and a lot of fun for everyone before an evening out or after a day spent downtown.

No, the Palace Saloon Coca Cola does not represent the current sign code or size, but it is historic.

I took this shot on the way to the car one night.  Palm trees and skies s clear, full moon illumination at night can be as bright as a streetlight. 

Deer and coyote are on the island.  I’ve noticed far more in the last few years, but, for some reason, not so many rabbits.   

Shrimping is still around, but the dock space is shrinking.  The newest change to the island is a shift toward becoming a dining, shopping and recreation destination and away from what you might traditionally think of as a working waterfront.  The island is the home of the shrimping industry, but finding a way to preserve history and embrace change is an ongoing challenge.

PJD’s is something local and unique.  If you’re downtown, this is a wonderful stop for an amazing selection of craft beer.  Hours are short and they do close for weather.

The development downtown is always a mix of the old and new.  I enjoy the coffee at Hola Cafe on North 2nd….attached to the rear of the Palace Saloon building.  The best businesses bring something truly unique to Fernandina.  Pi for Pizza, Hola Cuban Cafe for Coffee, PJD’s for Craft Beer….Hand Crafted Chocolate at Fantastic Fudge and Timiti’s for a Poke Bowl.   

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