Technology, Island Time and Change

We’re definitely spoiled.  The island makes a wait in line or long drive seem like an unacceptable inconvenience, but this really didn’t hit home until we visited Kennedy Space Center earlier in the week.   Lines were for, literally, a line to get in a line!  Island time, for me, means having extra hours in every day.  Why?  We drive less, have few waits, can play near or during work and a vacation is whenever and wherever you have an extra 10 minutes to enjoy the place you live/work.  IMG 0835

I’m at home working from a laptop this afternoon, texting to two agents, my wife and a client.   Sitting on my front porch with a headset, noise cancellation makes it easy to have a conversation from almost any location, but the sync between my computer, phone and tablet make my mobile office a seamless thing of beauty.  A few years ago, I transitioned to fully digital files.  If I have paper, I scan it into a cloud drive, but even signatures are more accurate and easier to manage.   Every so often, it occurs to me just how much changed in the years after my first sale.  Contracts were shorter, but were often handwritten.   Signatures were never electronic and files are still boxed at my office from my early time in the industry. IMG 0698

I’m posting an update for one client with pictures of a new build and the technology really does change the service.   Every few days, I take a new picture of the construction progress.  If she likes, I’ll even schedule time to “FACETIME” a walk of the property to save hours in travel.   IMG 0619

Time is probably the best part of a place like Amelia Island or Fernandina.  I spend so little time traveling and so little time waiting in line, I can’t even begin to add the value of the extra time I’ve added to my life.  The odd part of living here is in adjusting your routine to move from play to work in short bursts.  I chose to add mobile technology to every part of my business.  Even a recent change to all Apple equipment came down to time and resenting the time I wasted in transition between operating systems.   The other night, we walked out of a restaurant with a 30 minute wait.  How many towns have 10 or 20 other restaurants within walking distance and with nearly equal quality on any given night?   We’re lucky and most of us don’t notice…the occasional extra hours in each day.   IMG 0301

They say you can’t buy time, but you can buy the location, or choose a lifestyle to save time.

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