SpaceX and Implications for Nassau?

Considering the SpaceX launch this afternoon, I wonder how many of us are aware of the spaceport location only a short distance to the north.   Camden Spaceport is an hour by car, but only about 20 miles by air.  If you want a diverse economic base, Crawford Diamond’s potential and the spaceport make our location even more attractive, as if that were possible.rocket-launch-space-discovery

The proposed Camden Spaceport site is located on the I-95 corridor next to the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by a large undeveloped buffer zone. Coastal Camden County, Georgia provides a nearly unrestricted launch range for the launch of spacecraft to a wide range of orbits. Orbital inclinations between 31° and 58° can be reached without the addition of costly propulsive maneuvers to change the orbital plane.

In addition, our southerly location and favorable launch azimuth enable more payload to orbit from Camden County. These launches have the capability to fly due east, maximizing the velocity boost from the rotation of the Earth and enabling more payload to reach orbit.

We are also home to a former rocket testing facility that is ideal for space vehicle manufacturing and we can provide ready access to existing space launch sites in both Virginia and Florida. 2/3/18

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