FISA and the “MEMO” …Very Divided Opinions

I posted a very brief status update on Facebook yesterday, noting my sadness at the allegations in the, now famous, FISA Memo.   This morning, “MANY” more comments than I anticipated waited.  My friends are polarized and I’ve even received messages encouraging me to change to another television station for my news.   Two issues strike me with both the memo and the way my friends or public generally see the issue.   The memo contains serious allegations and, if true, shows a serious flaw in our justice system.  If you think about it, the memo is concerning, whether it is entirely factual or not.  The cover letter included in the PDF linked below is actually quite helpful.   Understanding the information used as a basis for the memo is classified and understanding any POTUS would be forced to choose to release or declassify is worth considering.

Fernandina Beach and Nassau County political leaders are subject to Sunshine Law.  The higher you go, the less sunshine, hence the need to formally release a memo discussing information only viewed by a committee.   I would encourage everyone to read the memo and cover letter before forming an opinion.  If FISA warrants were issued and renewed based on flawed information, we should be concerned.  If the memo has a partisan motivation, then we should also be concerned.  Personally, I just want the truth and want to know if our system is being used politically.    Thoughts?

Read-the-FISA-memo copy

Core Issue…FISA Warrants allegedly obtained based on falsified partisan research.

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