No Longer Beaches

We’re so diverse, has anyone considered just how many people come here for reasons “Not the Beach”?

7 quick reasons to live or visit Amelia Island….

  1. The environmental areas are amazing with trees sometimes well over 100 years in age.
  2. Fishing excursions and boating make this a great place to live.  Ramps very near ocean access mean a lot.
  3. Bikes enjoy runs to the historic district, including the oldest watering hole in the state.
  4. The farmer’s market is fun on the weekend.   Live music and lots of local food.
  5. Exceptional architecture and renovations of historic buildings mean something new, even if you come here every year or live in the area.
  6. Jobs bring people.  The diverse economy is as important as tourism.
  7. Don’t forget the Cuban coffee!   I like coffee, but Hola on North 2nd is my favorite stop.

…but then, we do have really great beaches.

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