History Online, Cemeteries and Spanish

Looking for interesting content tonight, I found something mentioning a public use for lots based on Spanish plans for Fernandina.   I’m assuming this meant “Old Town”, but I’m now curious.  The plat below is of Old Town and not a bad way to learn something the average visitor or local often overlooks.

On one trip to the local cemetery with my sons, we took the time to look up the history for a name on a headstone.  Highly under-rated, taking your children to the older section of the local cemetery leads to an education in itself.  I think we need to remember our history and think of it as real, but it has a way of making preservation and history a little more real.   and, if interested in a trip to Bosca Bello, the older section of the cemetery is deteriorated in places, but rich in history.

Highly recommended….The Amelia Island Genealogical Society http://www.aigensoc.org/ has an online data base of cemetery records and obituaries, as well as a wealth of local information.

Old_Town_PlatScreen Shot 2018-02-07 at 7.18.10 PM

Both images above are snips and available from a variety of sources online.  I believe both are public, but my searches included American Memory, the Library of Congress, our own Nassau County Clerk’s website, Wikipedia and Google.

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