Tiny Election Turnout and Last Three Year Term

Chip Ross
Orlando Avila

Three year terms resulted in exceptionally low voter turnout every other year.  2017 is the last off-year election and last 3 year term for Fernandina.

Congratulations to Johnny Miller, straw Poll winner for Mayor, and Phil Chapman, our new commissioner.   The upcoming runoff race will be interesting.   A relative newcomer to the area, Ronald “Chip” Ross, is facing someone with more extensive local ties, Orlando Avila.  It will be interesting to see the contrast and turnout for the last runoff election with a 3 year term.

Commissioner Tim Poynter deserves particular praise for running a clean campaign and making the effort to give back during a second term.   Few understand the thankless nature of political positions like this and the “right thing” is often not the popular thing.    Thank you Commissioner Poynter.   You have a lot to be proud of and Fernandina is better than it was three years ago.    Thank you.

Medardo Monzon is another relative newcomer and learned to appreciate the diversity on the island.   Both deserve praise for throwing the hat in the ring.   Very few are willing to commit to the effort it takes to hold office and it is an effort.  Thank you as well and we hope you will continue to be involved.

Poynter and Monzon on Election Day 2017

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