Hurricane Floyd….1999 and’s History

The post below was a “pre-Wordpress” post on Amelia Island Net, back in 1999.  Time passes, but looking back at a post from nearly 18 years ago….Wow!  Keep Preparedness in mind and pay attention to emergency updates in hurricane season.  Locals may seem lax, but they know to move when a major storm is on the way.  While the old surfer in me still hopes for waves, I’d love to see storms pass a few hundred miles offshore, instead of making landfall. 

On September 15th, 1999, Hurricane Floyd passed a short distance off the coast of Amelia Island.  Although this was not a direct “hit”, it is interesting to see what happens here when a category 3 storm passes nearby.   The pictures you see were all taken before, during and after the storm.  If you have any shots you would like to add, you can e-mail them to .

If you want to see how lucky we were this time, another storm in 1964 caused far more damage.  I think the last shot is a picture of the North Beach area of Amelia Island during Hurricane Dora.

Dora in 1964?

Anyone is welcome to use these pictures with the following stipulation.  If they are published, you must contact me for a release and I will ask for a small credit.  The last shot rumored to be of Hurricane Dora is not mine.  If you would like a copy, call Quality Fast Photo at 904-261-9600. (Closed many years ago) 

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