Cuban Coffee and Routines

16770777308_afd34ca436_oI’m convinced!  Great restaurants and coffee shops create value and make my job easier.  I’d guess I bring at least one client to Hola Cuban Café every month.   Having a handful of small coffeeIMG_2295 shops or restaurants to take clients, knowing the owners and knowing the menu, can make a huge difference when showing off your hometown.

Real estate brokers are often tour guides…expected to know a little about almost everything in an area.   I’m a native and playing tour guide is my favorite part of the job and gives me an excuse to spend time talking with my wife over coffee.   If you’re interested in great coffee, Hola Cuban Café is on North 2nd Street, just behind the Palace Saloon.  It isn’t big, but serves authentic Cuban cuisine and excellent coffee.   IMG_1705

Since I’m thinking about routines and morning coffee, t


he island has something unique we all take for granted.  Almost everything I need in a day is less than 5 minutes from home.   If I need more time in the gym, lunch becomes a fast hour at the YMCA or Club 14.  If we haven’t been to the beach lately, the free parking and 5 minute drive makes the island feel like an every day vacation.   I do admit to one flaw in the island.  Budgeting time for


work and budgeting time for play sometimes requires a schedule.   I started writing in time at the gym a few months ago, along with a daily list for my next day, before leaving the office.downtn1floyd1

By the way, if you work on the island and meals with clients are a part of work, definitely schedule time time at  a gym.  We have some amazing restaurants for such a small town!



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